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Skydrive 2020 London, Ontario International Airport

This year has been difficult with COVID-19 but the folks at Airshow London came up with a way to bring some excitement into our very trying lives this year with SKYDRIVE 2020.

It was an amazing experience. Each car received a parking spot on the tarmac and you could view the airshow from the comfort of your car or sit in your designated spot outside.

To be honest I love this idea, especially for those that have a hard time walking, smaller kids unable to walk long distances or those physically challenged, having to trudge across long fields and great distances to get to your spot. This was seamless, you drove to your spot stayed there if you needed to use the facilities they were very close by, masks were mandatory and safety measures were taken with a good supply of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. Another cool thing was you were able to bring your own food (no alcohol) obviously and volunteers walked around to give you garbage bags to place your containers into. You were asked to bring your garbage home with you which I am happy to say everyone complied with.

This year featured the USAF Thunderbirds, and it was very special to see them given the circumstances. They put on a brilliant show as did all the other performers. There were no statics on display obviously but the show itself made up for it. Other performers included the F 35 the F 22 the Viper Demo Team and of course the roar of the A-10 Thunderbolts.

I honestly hope they do this again. Here are some captures from that day.

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