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Labour Day Chase 2018

What can I say about this day other than it was absolutely incredible. Labour Day began with a gorgeous sunrise at Port Bruce. Severe storms threatened from Detroit, and we were on our way down to Chatham-Kent and Windsor. Watches quickly turned to warnings as we got closer to our target area. Twin shelf clouds appeared on opposite sides of a farm field. Massive hail cores dropped dime and nickel sized hail. The lightning was out of this world. Several bolts cracked above our vehicle as we drove from location to location. Visibility at times was reduced to zero due to torrential rain. As we were making our way to Dealtown, we pulled over on a dirt road to watch another cell form a funnel. As we made our way back, we stopped at a look-out near Port Alma. We captured yet another cell slowly forming a horizontal funnel over Lake Erie. This was definitely a great storm chase.


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