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SW, Ontario July 5th 2018

The chase day started in London, Ontario, where we encountered our first shelf cloud of the day. Little did we know there would be two more massive ones and some eye-catching storms alongside them.
We then ventured to Parkhill, where we were met with some substantial cells and downpours. Staying behind the hail core in one cell, we proceeded to Ilderton, where a large cell was making its way into town. Tons of rain accompanied this cell, but the photo opportunities were definitely worth the wait to capture some of Mother Nature’s raw power.
The next big cell was going to hit Lambeth, and that is where we went. The second of three amazing shelf clouds made their debut. We pulled over to the side of the road to capture it as it was passing by. But we knew if we wanted to get to the next cell, we had to leave this one behind and get moving.
Our final stop was Newbury. This shelf was a monster, what we refer to as a ground dragger, massive in width, nearly four miles wide. It was without a doubt the most incredible of the day. Pulling off the 401, we found the perfect spot to stop and photograph it. Rotation in this cell was clearly evident as it made its way toward Chatham. The rain and lightning this cell produced was incredible, and to be honest, ground shaking.
Being right there in the middle of it all was quite the experience and it was well worth the KMs to be able to capture these amazing phenomena



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