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Lucknow, Ontario September 7th, 2021

This was an intense chase day, cells were coming over Lake Huron with multiple tornado warnings in place. Tornado’s had formed over water within the supercells that came on land and continued for quite a while before weakening. I was in position for the second cell that came over Port Albert, Ontario in a town called Lucknow. I knew something was off right away noticing the horses in the field highly agitated. I stayed put as this massive shelf made its way in. Little that I knew due to cell service being very patchy, there was a tornado warning yet again for my area. By the time I got the warning it was too late.

A very large tornado embedded in the supercell was heading straight at me, safety of course is my main priority of course, the vortex suction slammed my car door shut so I was not able to open it from the drivers side, I had to crab walk to the passenger side and hurl myself into the car. I managed to turn the car around just as the tornado was approaching. Trees, hydro poles and hail were ripping through the town of Lucknow at this point. A very dangerous situation to be in to say the least. Made sure people were alright as I drove to safety. Large trees everywhere and hydro poles down made the way out difficult. Finally when I was able to leave, I had to reflect on what I just saw and experienced. I have to say this was one of the most intense chases in Ontario to date.

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