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Longhurst Line Shelf July 27th, 2018

This chase actually began with me waiting in the parking lot for my husband to complete some shopping. I looked at the radar casually, noticing a massive cell minutes away. Going down Hwy 3, it was already clear that this cell was a monster. We then turned onto Longhurst Drive and pulled over to the side of the road. Moving slow and steady, this beautiful structure had everything: lightning, hail, shear. It was by all accounts “the perfect storm”. Some intense moments grew when there was noticeable lowering in the core, thinning out perfectly to create that funnel-like appearance. Thankfully this was only a scud, since my team and I were mere feet away as it passed over us. We then continued to follow this storm all the way to Aylmer and wrapped up the chase in Port Bruce. This storm was definitely one of my favorites of 2018. Enjoy!


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